George Silberschatz PhD

My research career began with the Mount Zion Psychotherapy Research Group founded by Harold Sampson and Joseph Weiss in the early 1970s (now known as the San Francisco Psychotherapy Research Group).  The topic that always intrigued me and continues to be the primary focus of my research is studying how psychotherapy works.  Examples of research studies that my colleagues and I carried out can be found on the Publications page.

Current studies.  There are three areas of research that we are currently focusing on. The first is patient feedback and how feedback immediately following therapy sessions can be used to improve treatment effectiveness (this work is being carried out at the SFPRG clinic under the direction of  John Snyder; click here to see our recent study).  The second is on the development of a pathogenic belief scale and to assess how pathogenic beliefs mediate the impact of early traumatic experiences (our recent publication can be found here).  Finally, John Curtis and I are continuing our work on improving the reliability of individualized case formulations and to make our approach – the plan formulation method – accessible to a wider audience of clinicians and researchers.

Please contact me if you would like more information on our research studies or would like to explore possible collaboration.